Plato Films - Film and media production since 2008

About Us

Plato Films was founded in 2008 by producers, writers and directors, Keith Mackin and John Reck. We are a new independent production company based in Manchester. In the first year we have produced two high quality short films, the second film is currently in post-production. We are currently writing our first horror feature film which will go into production in 2010.

Writer/Director Keith Mackin

As a Co-Founding member of Plato Films, Keith graduated with a BA First Class Honours Degree in Film Studies in July 2005. Since then he has been working for ITV Granada on many programmes including 'You've Been Framed,' '60 Minute Makeover' and 'Britannia High.' Keith travelled extensively throughout Europe, Australia and the USA before choosing a career as a filmmaker. With an inspiring amount of energy and enthuiasm, Keith has a unique and distinctive directorial style.

Writer/Director John Reck

A further Co-Founding member of Plato Films, John graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University alongside Keith also with a BA Degree in Film Studies. Since then he has been working as a Freelance Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker for Production Companies throughout the North West. Another ardent globe trotter, John has travelled throughout Asia encountering many experiences which have helped to shape an original voice with an inventive and artistic filmmaking vision.

  • One Last Love Song

    One Last Love Song wins best "Cinematography" award at the Yellow Fever International Film Festival 2009.

  • Six Minutes of Freedom

    Six Minutes of Freedom is our first co-production with All Seeing Eye Productions. The film stares Nico Mirallegro (Newt from Hollyoaks) and is currently in post production, and is due to be finished by the middle of December.

  • In talks with SDMC Productions

    We are currently in talks with SDMC Productions about co-writing a horror feature film, which is an exciting way to end the year.